Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been a while since I posted an update to our house. In all honesty, we lost a lot of steam once we moved in (which coincided with my wife going back to work, so that's not shocking).

But the nursery is the CLOSEST we have to a complete room...
To refresh your memory...from when we were looking at the house (this is the view from the corner to the left of the window when looking at the window):

I'm reading something on the wall there...
same vantage point now:
There's not really a giant candle on the wall...its a shadow from the light fixture

From just before we had the floors redone, about a week before moving in (this is the view from the doorway)
freshly painted, just before we had the floors redone.
mostly done!
The room IS small, but its a perfectly good size for two little babies. I added that old Ikea bookcase on a whim, and it works pretty nicely. The top four bins have clothes - currently footless sleep and plays, sleep and plays, fleece sleep and plays, and sleep sacks. The dresser houses all their pants and onsies, and the closet (to the right of this vantage point) has their dresses, sweats, and linens. There's also a changing table beyond the dresser which is chock full of our diapers. You can just see a midge, but we also have a fluffy green rug from Ikea that I am a little in love with.  We didn't really MEAN to give the room a green just sort of happened.

At this point, our main to-dos are replacing the light fixture with a small ceiling fan and refinishing that rocker (its half stripped, hence the coverage blanket). Sometime before next winter we also need to enclose that radiator. It gets HOT, way too hot for little hands.

Bonus photo: The tree the girls' Grammy painted for them, and a product of my crafty Saturday night.

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