Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Master bedroom

As I said yesterday, we haven't done a ton in the past few months. But, we have made SOME more progress!

"Master" when we were looking at the house.

Same view now...
excuse the pile of junk, re, my work bag and coat and a random shelf. and the half made bed.

See that doorway? On the left side is an under-stair closet. On the right is a linen closet sized closet. That's our closet space. Yeah, not going to work, hence the IKEA PAX addition. For what we paid, I'm pretty happy with it. We DO have a lot of clothes and its kind of packed (in addition to the "linen" closet), but I'm slowly paring down and bringing things to the Goodwill bin (4 bags so far...).

This is also from when we were looking, but a bit to the left.

The "now" view is from the doorway.

For Christmas, we bought ourselves the bed (and dresser) we've been coveting for the last 3 years. I love it. Except now I want a new mattress too....I wish we could have fit a bigger dresser, but it would have been too much for the space I think. (and see my Crafty results?? Go me)

On the to-do list:
New light fixture
nightstands and bedside lighting (right now that is one table from a nesting set that came with our old house, and a lone lamp)
A rug (I think anyway)

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