Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting there.

We got a lot done yesterday!

We have handles - no more pulling doors open with painter's tape, or wedging your finger between the drawer and next cabinet to open it!
(and crockpot chili)
And baseboards (so the dog doesn't keep losing balls into the basement...there's a small gap between the sheetrock & floor as our ceilings are a smidge over 8 feet)

and a couple of holes that still need patching before finishing the walls...

And lights. As cool as those bare bulbs in the middle of the room and hallway were, and as much as I love capped wires above the sink, these are better.
look at that ethereal glow.
I would have loved to do a couple of top hats in the middle of the room, but alas, ripping out the plaster ceiling that is in nice shape and was skim-coated before we bought the house seemed like a dumb idea. As you may guess from the glow/bad photograph, the lamp in the middle of the room is glass - we wanted something un-obtrusive given how narrow the room is.  It is really pretty installed, though I should probably get something more attractive than your standard energy-saver bulbs for it, and maybe a little lower than 120 total watts.
stock photo, thanks Home Depot.

Still to come:

Trim for the windows (as nice as the crooked frame/uneven drywall edges are)
Trim for the radiator (and paint)
Crown molding on the cabinets
Kickplates on the cabinets.
Paper on the hall walls.
Attaching the stupid flap thing under the dishwasher.
Window coverings so all of our neighbors can't invite themselves over to dinner or 3 am bottles.

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