Saturday, November 26, 2011

the good, the bad...

Musings on Kitchen Renovation

A Sonnet

(actually I have almost no recollection of poetry from senior year of HS, so this is really just a random assortment of thoughts. feel free to read it in iambic pentameter. I don't care if its not written that way. Do it anyway.)

Countertop ordering is easy and sort of amazing.
Show up, point to what you like, go to yard.
Dudes come to house and measure

Under a week and two money orders later, you have a fully installed countertop.
Fastest kitchen project ever. Miraculous.

Plumbing is expensive. Doing it yourself takes forever.
I can't even talk about what we paid to have our sewer pipe replaced.
And did I really spend 5 hours - 10 man hours - moving our hot and cold water lines?
But its nice to have running water and a dishwasher.
We have babies. Bottles are a pain to wash.
And plugging in all this business only took an hour.
Instant gratification, saved for the end.

Cabinets are easier to install than I thought.
But I won't pretend.
My wife did almost all of the work.
She'll get credit for the new baseboard too.
I can't wait for them, so I can stop kicking the dog's toys into the basement by accident.

And alas, we need lights. and window coverings.
and hell, new windows.
this is only the beginning.

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