Tuesday, November 22, 2011

80% done

Maybe more? I can't really be bothered with such complex calculations at this point.

The kitchen is coming along.
All of these photos are from the same vantage point (the back door).

when we looked at the house (it was the same at closing, less the microwave and pans)

a few weeks ago. nevermind the collection of live wires dangling around.

now. for bonus points, there's power AND working plumbing.

To get to this point, we
a) removed the appliances (and sold on Craigs List for about 50% of retail - they were definitely cheap to begin with, but appear to have been purchased right around when the house was put on the market)
b) removed the cabinets. I'm pretty sure no one wanted those 1960 gems, so most are in our garage in various states of destruction, and a few are in the basement awaiting hanging.
c) tore up the faux-brick floor (see top photo, it was some awesome vinyl) and sub floor. My brother is unemployed, so we've been paying him by the hour for hard labor. Not cheap, but cheaper and a contractor and a great time saver for us, seeing as he can work while we're at work.
d) removed the sheetrock on 3 walls and weird snap together vinyl panels on the 4th and hallway. Replaced said sheetrock and fixed existing walls where the vinyl glue left an awesome residue.
e) moved gas line for stove to where the oven is (just to the left of where these pictures cut off). The existing oven was gas, but the pipe ran along the floor under the cabinets. If we'd left it (besides being bizarre and surely out of code), we would have had to notch out all of our new cabinets. No thanks. Its in the basement now.
f) had a new wood floor laid! we also had the rest of the first floor refinished at this point (hey, they were there anyway, right?)
g) moved the sink drain (the plumber did this when we paid him ($$$) to replace our sewer and stack pipes) into the wall where it belongs, and the sink piping into the wall as well. The floor is a great place and all to have pipes sticking up, but see previous remark about cutting up cabinets.
h) added three new circuits for the fridge, stove/microwave/outlet, and dishwasher/outlets. The existing power line continues to supply the kitchen light (as well as the bathroom, 2 bedrooms, hallways and garage.....). Note: when you buy electrical boxes, buy nice big deep ones so your handyman dad doesn't curse you as he wires in your GFCI outlets.
i) installed the cabinets!
j) ordered and had the countertop installed. swoon.
k) moved the fridge from the living room to the kitchen and installed the pantry and remaining cabinet.
its a tiny fridge - 30" and counterdepth - because our hallway from the front AND the backdoor are only 30"

To do...sometime before we host Christmas...in no particular order:
a) finish hallway & fridge walls
b) add backsplash
c) add kickplates
d) trim windows
e) paint green radiator
f) add baseboards
g) hang lights (the bare bulbs ARE stylish and all....if this was a warehouse loft...
h) add window treatments
i) clean if not refinish existing trim
j) cabinet hardware!!
k) add crown molding to cabinets

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  1. wow, it looks awesome!!

    and your next post be explaining how in the world you renovate a home while working and having twin infants - i mean, seriously wonder woman!!