Sunday, January 23, 2011

commence training

I registered for the More Half since I didn't get into the NYC half. I've been tinkering around 10-15 miles/week for the past few weeks, so here's hoping all goes well when I kick off my 10 week training plan tomorrow.

Plan for this week:

5 easy
4 easy
5 with 3 @ pace (9:00)
8 long

It is a jump, but I really can't handle a 5day/week plan due to time issues, and I wanted more than a Novice plan, so this Hit-2-Hrs plan from Runners World (July? I forget) it is. I haven't run 8 miles in a long time - the 5.72 I did Saturday is the most in...5 months? - but I think it'll be OK. I wouldn't go into the first rugby game of the season thinking "I can't do this, I haven't played an 80 minute game in 6 months", right? (Answer is "Yes, I would nearly die of joy at the half time whistle and spend the last 15 minutes of the second half begging the gods to sub me out or blow the goddamn whistle, but I would do it and not think much of it before hand.")

So, onward, back to the 2 hr half marathon.

Now to see about a gym membership for some of these midweek runs, seeing as it is January and cold and dark and often yucky outside.

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