Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Fall!

It might be 90 degrees out, but that doesn't mean I can't dream of fall...
and get a couple of new things!

For about $75 total, I picked up a new pair of boots (woot for finally finding boots I can wear with jeans without cutting off my calves), a cheap pair of jeans for said boots (since none of my bootcuts go in them without saggy knees!), a cardigan, and 4 lightweight long sleeved tees for layering.


  1. Those boots are so cute! Where did you find such a deal on all those things?

  2. i need boots that fit my calves! where did you find all of this stuff?! (esp the boots!)

  3. I got the boots at DSW. I actually broke down and bought a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans for them (sweetheart skinnies, worked with my junk-in-the-trunk and under $30) to avoid the baggie knees and having to fold up my bootcut jeans in the ankle. The store even has the wide calf ones!! I had a reward coupon, and got them during an online sale ($10 off store only had black), so they came to $35! (not leather, but my calves are 17", so I can't be picky!)