Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I want one of these

and one of these.

The Bob is somewhat bigger and will be great for jogging with, trips to the park, and outdoorsy things, but I do think we'll need a smaller one. There was a floor model of the Quinny on clearance at BRU recently, and its so plush. It just FEELS like it would be comfy. I wish I could try it out for me! Its not the smallest one out there (not even the smallest Quinny) but it seems so versatile. And nice.

I don't think I can convince Princess Charming to get two pricey strollers though, especially since my cousin gave us her small one (more than an umbrella but less than a big one...she called it her "girl shopping stroller" (she has boy/girl twins)).

PS. We're not expecting. I'm just nuts.


  1. I want a BOB as well - but double...and we are expecting :)

  2. Don't worry Emily! I've been looking at baby stuff recently and we aren't planning on trying for at least a year and half. ;)

  3. Sheesh! You got me all excited... I love those strollers too.

    BTW, would you consider renting your house if the market wasn't right? It's a long shot, but I might have a new job opp coming up that would require me to relinquish my cushy, paid-for, on-campus apartment. We've considered moving out that way since the area is less expensive than Jersey and near friends who live in Abington.

  4. ok so I am reading this late but....I love our quinny. One of the best things we bought. LOVE it. Oh and drag queens on fancy trikes stopped us in P-town to tell us our stroller was cool. So it must be!