Sunday, April 18, 2010

lacking motivation

When I trained for both of my marathons, I was awesome. I stuck to my plan. I ran 4 days a week, without fail. I didn't skip long runs. For a long while, I've had trouble replicating this motivation.

I was doing really well this time though. I've already done two ten milers (well, one was a nine miler with HIIT on the end) and am still two Sundays out from the race. Today is supposed to be 10-12.

I cannot get myself outside. I am just so. freaking. tired.
I did play 80 minutes yesterday, but am not abnormally banged up (though there is a small bruise on my shin that I am sure would be annoying to run with). I slept 9.5 hours. I've eaten. Hydrated.

But I am tired.

I talked about this with Princess Charming, and I am starting to think it is just emotional. I'm so worn out from classes, from work, from rugby, from listing the freaking house...I just lack the emotional energy to be really involved/obsessed/dedicated to training.

I might try to get 4 or 5 in tonight, but I might just scrap it. I'm doing a 10 next weekend and it'll have to do. I'm not looking to PR, just finish strong for being a little undertrained (long runs aside, I'm not doing that well here...I've been averaging around 17 miles per week, well under the 25 I'd planned).

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