Friday, June 8, 2007

ok, so...

I start work on Monday. This is excellent for a few reasons:
a) I'm broke
b) I'm broke
c) I'm bored
d) I'm really unproductive when I have nowhere to be

And I think I'm really going to like my office and it'll be a good position for a couple of years. I figure I'll have to stay in some capacity at Penn for 5 yrs or so if I opt to go for it and pursue an Ed.D. starting this spring (and figure if I should take out more loans to cover the taxes on that or what....)....but that's ok. I think I like Philadelphia. I've seen more of it the last few weeks since school ended, and its pretty cool. Its amazing how much time school takes up (which makes me not terribly excited to do a doctorate part time but I'll cross that bridge when the time comes).

I'm also kind of hoping going back to the working world gives me more time for my extracurricular life, er, rugby. This year I missed two games and probably half a dozen practices, which is about what I missed in the last 6 years. I may not be a super-star (or even a plain star) but at least I'm reliable (that count for something, right?). While I have a horrid guilt complex, the priority shifting that paying massive tuition (read: over a year's salary) brings also inadvertently helped me realize its ok to not make rugby tops all the time. Given the time of year, I haven't seen any rugby people in weeks (which is true, though I doubt it was noticed since I didn't really have the opportunity to hang out this season anyway)...and there were actually events the last two weekends, but I missed them for long-standing plans with family. That priority shift probably is a good thing, seeing as I hardly ever see the family and noones getting any younger...


  1. you haven't seen rugby people in weeks????? I'm hurt... Jess, Em, Rank, your girlfriend, April, Dotsy O Hotsy... no love no love

  2. can i just tell you how terrible i've felt the past two years missing a total of 4 games and every single tuesday practice?? i feel like a catholic! i've actually been up nights worrying about how the angels must think of me as uncommitted because i miss things. i can't wait to graduate and be reliable!

  3. Katy, I feel your pain. I worry sometimes that I look so flaky!

    Val, you know what I meant...I don't play for Morris anymore...though I do miss it/ was good to see them all so much this month...