Thursday, June 28, 2007

oh, prom

I had an interesting discussion with an old friend last night, who was lamenting the fact that the majority of her friends have gone from single to married/otherwise seriously involved in the past two years. While that's only about 50% true (and hence more of a perception), my arguement that its not a factor of said friends 'changing' but a factor of the fact that said friends are in their mid-20s+ fell on deaf ears.

Anyway, the less frustrating part of the conversation turned to her randomly running into my HS prom (and date-night) date at some corporate drinks event. Appearently he's going to Harvard Business School next year and got married recently. And I saw this card on Postsecret this morning, and kind of want to send it to him to see if he knew. But I don't have his email (and haven't seen the guy in 8 years, aside from 5 min at the Thanksgiving football game a couple years back), so obviously I can't. Oh well :)

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  1. Prom is the most overated experience in high school. I did not have a serious girl friend, so I went with my best friend's sister. Wouldn't you know i picked the ONE girl in my high school who did not like to dance-all she wanted to do was watch her friend dance and restart her flame with her boyfriend. I should have went to the lonely hearts keg that friends who went to that had a much better time. I love the card you put into your blog with this!