Monday, November 6, 2006


I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over. Actually, Wednesday. I am SO TIRED of the election ads/polls/"news"/etc. Gag me. Don't get my wrong -- voting is important, and I am registered...but not in PA, and I'm not going through the effort for a absentee ballot for NJ's senate race. Maybe I'm a bad citizen, but call it a side effect of grad school -- I'm good about voting even in the locals normally. But right now...give me normal news! Normal commericals! Anything not involving an elephant and a donkey!

update: This morning (Tuesday) I was passed by 2 pickup trucks blaring "vote for "so and so"". This are the first F150s I've really noticed in the Philadelphia area, and it might be a smidge ironic that they were advertising the Republican candidates.


  1. Just cross your fingers that Casey beats man-on-dog Santorum. Nepotism over bigotry any day.

  2. WTF? Didn't my display name use to be Em? I didn't change it.