Thursday, March 28, 2013

NYC half details

Part 2 of 2. The wordy follow up to the much more exciting picture recap.

The NYC Half is a NYRR race, and has grown a TON since I was first registered for it in 2008 (when it was still in July. And I didn't run it because I broke my foot 3 days prior. Womp Womp.).  As you would expect (marathon debacle aside, though I suspect a lot of that had to do with Bloomberg and not NYRR, but guess who took the fall?), it was what you'd expect from NYRR. Clean, polished, well organized and such.

  • Terrific course
  • great corral set up (including potties in each corral, which made a last minute pit stop enroute to the start line easy)
  • relatively fast start for a 20k race (took me about 20 minutes to cross, and the streets were moderately full the whole way, so I think this was appropriate spacing)
  • TONS of water, every half mile or so
  • Did I mention the awesome course?
  • Fair amount of spectators
  • Tons of photographers (if you're into springing for race photos. some of mine were ok, but I am not buying)
  • Great baggage system
  • Good weather (30s, dry, not windy) considering the weird winter we had
  •  kind of weird demand to be in corrals 30 minutes in advance of start time
  • TIGHT finish area
  • finisher bag had a sport drink, water, and pretzels. Disappointing. I expected a banana and a bagel.
  • Medal was so-so
I had a decent race, especially considering I was only 70% trained or so (running theme with me, pun intended, ha ha). I did 90% of my long runs and 30 or 40% of my midweek runs. My Garmin was all over the place, I assume due to the city influence, but here's my splits:

5k: 29:33
10k: 1:00:10
15k: 1:31:20
20k: 2:02:07
Finish: 2:08:42 (9:50 pace)

Age/Gender: 927/1679
Gender: 4134/7609
Overall: 9402/14535

So overall a somewhat sub-average finish, and still no where near back to my 2008 sub-2 hr half time, but for sub-par training, respectable. And no tears, no frustration, and I enjoyed the race, so that's a win.

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