Tuesday, September 20, 2011

so we're buying a house

because you know, having (two) tiny babies, a new job, and moving sounds like a good idea. Especially since it needs renovations. We're pretty high on the life stress list.

So, since I've been pretty MIA (new job and babies and all) I leave you with some pictures of what is (hopefullly) to come...
Home Sweet Home to be

the leaky utility sink. see the basement walls? that's old peeling paint. yum.

soo....the second floor was never painted....

The first floor bedrooms are smaller, but we'll be living downstairs for a long while (this will be our room).

That nook used the house the fridge (we think). Note that it is not in the kitchen.

new-ish oven. Old cabinets. No fridge or dishwasher. And can we discuss the countertop?

Looking a little skeptical about the weird corner range top and no fridge (or AC) at 34 weeks and 93 degrees.

can't fit your boat of a car into the garage? ok, trim the studs....

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  1. Congrats! We're looking to move as well...maybe not the brightest with two little babies :) Nothing like adding a little more stress to our already hectic lives with twins!!