Saturday, August 27, 2011

my fall half

I am sure you're all in total suspense. Am I training? Yes.
Am I training a lot? not really
Is it even enough/interesting enough to write about? No.

I did 16 miles this week, including a 6 mile long run.  After taking a couple of weeks off when the babies were born, I reworked my schedule to ditch NYC (which I still need to defer from) and work up from effectively nothing to 12 miles the week before my half. Hopefully its enough. I'm still hanging on to the see-sub-2-hrs-again dream...

As a sidebar, this is my first rugby-free season since 1999. Which is before I played rugby. This is weird and a little sad (sort of, I don't really miss the being pummeled into the ground aspect of practice),  This vast expanse of free weekends is bizarre too (and endless feedings aside, I have no idea how to fill them).

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  1. i know just what you mean about the strange freedom. because even after i first had miles, i PRETENDED i was playing enough rugby that when people asked me about weekend activities, i'd be all, "sorry. can't until mid-November."

    but now...i can. i can go to birthday parties AND grocery shopping in the same day on a weekend. it's just very odd. i need to register for some sort of athletic event to make sure i'm training.