Saturday, May 21, 2011

end of an era

I played my last rugby game ever this past Saturday (photo from two weeks ago, when it wasn't raining & we were playing in a questionable area of Baltimore).
For the record, my heart is in second row, even if I am a short-ish and thick-ish 4 better suited for 1. Too bad coach noticed this season and I got well acquainted prop.
10 years, 19 seasons (I missed Spring 2004), one dislocated thumb, one pulled back muscle & three stitches (a perk of being so-so and not particularly aggressive about contact
, while an issue for a pack forward, is a low injury rate).

Time to move on.
pwrfc, spring 2011

I'm glad I played this spring though. A hell of a lot of driving (and parking & gas money) to go from NYC to Philly a couple of nights/week for practice, but good closure for me.

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