Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Poor Constitution

Actually, I'm not exactly sure how this falls with the seperation of church and state, since technically, the government doesn't control the media. (But this article is referencing newspapers in Texas. I can't help but have some leaping conclusions).

I don't even know what to say, aside from quoting a quote in the article: "Do you have any idea how blatantly offensive this boneheaded move is to the thinking public?” I am somewhat amused, although not suprised, at the 'Christian' backlash/fear of Bibles being disgarded.

And to answer the question at the end: Yes, I do mind getting AOL Disks. Who uses AOL anymore? Such a waste of plastic.

On a side note (its on my mind because someone referenced it on NPR the other day), lets remember that these Bible Belt folks who keep talking about the importance of keeping "family" life "traditional," have a significantly higher divorce rate than us heathen-area-dwellers.

Lastly, lets give a bit of props to the Pope, who is appearently at least slightly openminded/logical and is hopping a little bit on the Go Green bandwagon. (Side note: He's been "spending his time reading and walking scenic landscape"? How is this relevant to the article? And doesn't a (sort of, depending on how you look at it) world leader have...things to do?)

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  1. Ok first... there aren't many free things I like getting in the mail. I hate free pads (they are always the 5 inch thick ones), I dislike the AOL discs and the 5,000 circulars that you can get online for free... I do like free cereal and coupons.

    Now about the Pope.. "evolution can coexist with faith".. this is the same feeling that my preist growing up had... and that the 7 days weren't literal that it took a lot of time but people don't want to hear on day one we had light, on day 530,000 we had a microbe, one day 1,900,000 we had dinosaurs...

    Also about the Pope having time to walk around... all he does is ride in a bubble and wave to people in guest apperances and every so often have meetings with his staff. He's not like Bush who needs something said 10 times to partially understand what his staff is talking about or going to war or taking away medicare... Instead of debating for hours on what's right or wrong the pope just says let's bow our head and pray for those that are sinning... :)