Friday, July 27, 2007

Higher Ed makes GAWKER

History in the making. And a great read for higher ed dorks (And love to the write in vote for those of us who took "Administration of Student Life/Why XXX Thinks Everyone Should Go To A Small, Very Expensive Liberal Arts College").
For extra amusement, check out the original poll.

Also, the TIME article on Obesity and HE would be more interesting if it tied in socioeconomic status. For some reason, I think obesity rates increase as income drops. But, confirming that could blow the article, since we all know college going drops almost exponentially with income.

Ok, I'm done being a nerd for this afternoon.

There's a good discussion on this topic HERE, Thanks Em!!


  1. obesity rates increase as income drops.

    B/c healthy food is expensive, and many government programs either specifically don't cover healthy foods (thank you, agricultural lobbies) or don't have high enough benefits to make healthy food affordable. We spend, comparatively for people on grad student incomes, a LOT on food. But we're willing to have less discretionary income b/c good food is important to both of us. (Sorry, it seems I have blabbed about food to you a lot lately.)

    Here's a blog post that discusses the obesity and HE things with some mention to class issues:

  2. I would love to talk to you about this "Administration of Student Life" class. I have a feeling one of my fellow alumni is making my alma mater look bad, no?