Saturday, April 7, 2007

feelin' green

Last weekend I went to a conference for school/work/interviewing. The keynote speaker was Al Gore (who is surprisingly funny). He also had a 95% or so liberal audience of student affairs professionals, so the cracks about the election and current politics were well received. This 2 hours was by far the highlight of the conference (especially considering I spent 2/3 of it in the dungeon of placement interviewing, which may or may not pan out...). For the first time in my life, I'm motivated to recycle...and glad I have a gas efficient car for reasons other than my own wallet!!

Due to the T-4 weeks countdown to the end of the semester, and accompanying T-(2 case studies, 2 short-ish papers, and 2 long papers (one of which I haven't even done a lit review for)) countdown, I am going to refrain from detailing all the best parts, but I did find his website:

I am also planning on going to Alaska sometime in the next couple of years now, because I want to see the glaciers before they're tiny or gone...


  1. I'll go to alaska with you! I can't watch the inconvenient truth becuase it scares me too much. I do what I can though. I recycle as much as possible- I use all tupperware for bringing stuff to work, I'm moving to a place which will cause me to drive less when my lease is up. I do feel bad going to the gym and using the cardio machines though. They need to make a new type where the energy we put out working out is absorbed to offset other energy...


  2. I'll admit I'm pretty jealous that you got to see him speak. From what I've heard, he really is pretty funny and interesting.

    I'm not jealous of your end of semester schedule, though! Granted, I have my own slew of work, but still... that sounds like a lot. Good luck with it all.