Monday, December 18, 2006

Almost the holidays

But alas, sure doesn't feel like it.

a) I'm sick. Its been coming and going for the past 4 or 5 days, and I think has firmly settled itself in my head. And neck. Basically I feel like my sinus cavities are going to explode. It's not too bad when I'm up and about, but when I go to bed (and I'm extra tired!) I can't breathe and it makes sleeping awkward. Major, major dry mouth. Yuck.

b) Its rather warm out. Like Christmas-in-Texas kind of warm. And its supposed to rain on Saturday and be around 50 all through Christmas (which stretches, sans gifts because I've gotten to old for the relatives, from Sat till Monday) insists north jersey has a 38% chance of a white Christmas, but I only have one in my memory of 25 years, so I think they're full of crap (unless a random flurry or snow on the ground counts).

c) I'm not done for the semester yet. This school has finals/class-&-papers-for-grad-students through Dec. 20. WHO PLANNED THAT?!? And we go back on Jan. 8!!

d) I haven't done any baking really. I'm hoping to reinstate my old tradition of cookie-trays for holiday functions this year (which means 4 trays, so around 6 batches of cookies)...Thurs and Friday I'll be in the kitchen. In the meanwhile, I'm going to remind myself what an awesome job I did on my first ever double-crust apple pie at Thanksgiving...


  1. AND you did the double crust twice because your mom effed up a pie! you bake, girl!

  2. So is baking your personal niche? Personally I am good at meats and desserts. I hope someday to expand my capabilities.

  3. Baking is certainly my thing. I'm really excited for Thurs/Fri so I can make cookies! And a fancier dessert for my annual Clifton Friends Christmas-but-now-its-Holiday Dinner...which will actually be a practice round for a nice dessert to bring to my work party Jan 5 :)

    But I digress. I'm trying to learn to cook real food other than pasta, but its still kind of questionable. (Lucky for me, C is pretty good at it).

  4. You're an engineer; you might get a lot out of Alton Brown's books. They made cooking make sense for me on so many levels. Check them out. They're, I'm Just Here for the Food (cooking) and I'm Just Here for More Food (baking)

  5. For engineers who cook -